Basic Peace Officer Training Academy

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Offered on: Central Campus (Hillsboro), Monday through Thursday, 6:00-10:00 pm, and every Saturday, 8:00-5:00 pm, during the scheduled Academy. The next Academy will begin August 26, 2024.

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The Basic Peace Officer Training Academy can be taken alone or as part of the Law Enforcement program in the Law Enforcement Pathway. The program provides students with the fundamentals of entry-level peace officer training for employment as a law enforcement officer.


Ready to apply? Follow these steps!

Step 1 – Complete an Enrollment Packet

Step 2 – Have a Background Check

The program requires all applicants to complete a background check before being considered for enrollment.

Step 3 – Schedule Pre-Assessment

At the pre-assessment, the student will take a physical fitness assessment and submit his/her completed enrollment packet. The pre-assessment dates for the upcoming academy are listed in the enrollment packet.

Step 4 – Apply for Admission to Southern State (if you're already a 吃瓜不打烊 student, skip this step)

There is no fee or deadline to submit the application for admission. For more information about enrolling at Southern State, visit Apply for Admission.

Students may also apply for financial aid which is available to those who qualify. For more information, visit Apply for Financial Aid.

Courses & Fees

The Basic Peace Officer Training Academy consists of two courses CJUS 1102 and CJUS 1103 which are 18 college credit hours. These courses are delivered in two, 9 credit hour (this is considered part-time) semesters.

There is a tuition fee of $2,416 per semester. There is an additional cost for firearm/ammunition/equipment and the estimated cost is $2,500. (Please note: The current ammo market continues to be unstable. Availability of ammo has been rated "difficult" since 2012. Prices have fluctuated in a seven-day period as much as 40%.)


Please complete and submit this form and we will get back with you as soon as we can!