Political Science

*PSCI 1104 – American Government (The American Democracy I)

3 credits

This course examines the institutions, processes, and influences of American political institutions and political behavior, including history and theories of American democracy, institutions of national government, federalism, and political processes (parties, elections, interest groups and public opinion).

*PSCI 1105 – American Government (The American Democracy II)

3 credits

This course continues the study of two important areas of American Government and Politics started in American Government I: Political theory and Public Policy. Students will examine the classical political theory that contributed to the foundation of American democracy and modern theory examining who actually holds power in America-the individual or elites?

Students will study the public policy making process in specific areas and how it relates to American government and politics. Students will engage in decision-making exercises to gain experience in practical policy making.

PSCI 1199 – Seminar

1–9 credits

This course will be a discussion of particular problems related to the student’s chosen program and areas of interest.

PSCI 2206 – International Relations

3 credits | Prerequisites: PSCI 1104

This course examines and applies the basic theoretical perspectives in international relations. It addresses important global issues, including the origins of war, economic relations, and human rights, as well as the role of international institutions in global governance.

PSCI 2207 – State and Local Government

3 credits | Prerequisites: PSCI 1104

This course examines the political processes and institutions of U.S. state and local government. Topics include: state and local politics; state constitutions; municipal corporations and charters; political participation; institutions and processes; intergovernmental relations; political parties and interest groups; and, policy issues and outcomes in state and local government with special reference to Ohio.

PSCI 2208 – Comparative Government and Politics

3 credits | Prerequisites: PSCI 1104

This course examines basic concepts, approaches to and comparisons of different political systems, including institutions and political processes, political cultures, ideologies, participation, and interest groups.

A * preceding a course number indicates that the course is part of Ohio Transfer 36.